Matassa aims to blend the Italian tradition of fresh homemade pasta with oriental traditions, in which pasta is considered a main dish.


Matassa aims to blend the Italian tradition of fresh homemade pasta with oriental traditions, especially Chinese and Japanese, in which pasta is considered a main dish.

Culinary experimentation, research and creativity: These are the main ingredients that will allow us to create and share different types of fresh pasta with our customers, from Italian regional specialties to oriental noodles, ramen and jiaozi, and allow them to experience a unique journey of taste with different fresh pasta dishes from all over the world.

We believe in avoiding cultural barriers, and on the contrary, we absorb unique traditions and cultural differences to add an extra touch to our plates. We followed Italian traditions that have been passed down through generations and oriental recipes that brought new flavors and aromas to the table.

The link between these different culinary cultures is pure dedication, patience and the same key elements we use to create an inspiring and innovative full taste experience where pasta making is the center of it all.


The heart of the Matassa project is the open kitchen where we produce fresh pasta inside every location: This is the place where the dough is stretched by hand and then rolled and cut into tagliolini, tagliatelle and noodles, or wrapped around a delicious filling, like with Chinese dumplings or tortelli.

Our recipes are created based on local ingredients that are carefully selected and of the highest quality. A short supply chain guarantees quality ingredients that are always fresh and available daily.

Pasta traditions can blend cultures and become global, exactly like modern gastronomy’s approach, where experimentation and fusion cuisine satisfy different palates, with a particular emphasis on vegan and vegetarian options.

Matassa is creative freedom that doesn’t betray culinary traditions but creates a unique journey through the world’s flavors, thanks to the love of pasta and the pleasure of enjoying a great meal in a comfy atmosphere with a cosmopolitan vibe.


Our dishes reflect Italian and Asian recipes, using high- quality local ingredients. Local produce is fresher and better for the environment: Buying local cuts down travel time from farm to table; this allows our ingredients to be fresh and avoids a big carbon footprint from shipping foods for thousands of miles.

We also use plastic-free, sustainable-friendly packaging for our delivery and take-out services.



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